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ThreeBond has a wide range of  products that are highly regarded in a wide variety of industries. This page will lead you quickly to information about the ThreeBond products that will best meet your needs.  Select the product range that you want to know more about and you will be taken to the appropriate ThreeBond catalogue.

Adhesives and Potting Agents.  This product range includes:

  • Silicone adhesive sealants for electric and electronic equipment that cure faster than ordinary silicone RTV rubber
  • Silicone potting agents for potting of various electric and electronic parts and peripherals
  • Industrial-use adhesives that have strong initial bonding and do not lose elasticity after bonding
  • Instant adhesives in a variety of grades for different purposes or applications
  • Instant adhesive has an excellent property to "bond instantly"
  • Two-part epoxy compound resins in a variety of types, from which you can select the best for your requirements
  • Improved one-part, epoxy-compound resins for electrical and electronic equipment
  • One-part, , nonsolvent adhesives, radical-curing and ultraviolet-curing, developed by application of the proprietary technologies developed in the course of our research
  • One-part, nonsolvent adhesives (epoxy-based, and others), like those in the ThreeBond 3000 series except that these are cation-curing and ultraviolet-curing resins
  • Electroconductive resin materials consisting of synthetic resins and conductive fillers such as silver, nickel, or carbon
  • Brand-new heat-resistant inorganic adhesives with excellent water resistance, dielectric strength, and airtightness
  • Vibration-absorbing silicone gels developed as damper agents for optical pickups in CD, MD, and DVD devices

Automation Equipment  This product range includes:

  • Equipment for coating with a sealant mainly of TB1200 series.
  • Equipment for coating with an adhesive or potting agent mainly of TB2000 and TB3000 series.
  • Equipment for coating with a locking agent mainly of TB1300 series.
  • Custom-made coating equipment to meet your needs.

Locking Agents  This product range includes:

  • Anaerobic high-strength sealant used for chemically binding the screws or joints of mechanical parts and devices to prevent loosening or leaking.
  • Agents to prevent screws from loosening, leaking, and rusting; standard materials, indispensable in assembling, repairing, and maintaining electronic and mechanical products.
  • For Sealock process (prevents screws from loosening and leaking); uses a processing technology in which a sealant is applied to the threads of screws or bolts.
  • Uses a precoating  process in which a microencapsulated sealing and locking agent is specially applied to the threads of screws to integrate the sealing and locking agent with the screws.

Sealants  This product range includes:

  • Liquid gaskets, based on a theory entirely different from that of solid-sheet gaskets, for preventing leaks.
  • Silicone-based liquid gaskets and potting agents that evenly fill gaps on a flange surface and completely prevent leaks.
  • Sealants for drinking water pipes - corrosion-preventive sealants, made of a special polymer, for use on the surface of pipe ends.
  • Sealants to prevent leaks from the threads of gas pipes.
  • Silicone-based sealants for buildings  with excellent adhesion, weather resistance, and durability.

New Products   ThreeBond regularly introduces new products to its range.

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