1100 Series Liquid gasket

hree Bond 1100 Series Liquid gaskets have been developed based on entirely different concept and leak-preventing theory from solid-sheet gaskets. By coating a mechanical joint with one of these liquid gaskets before assembly, the leaks can be prevented. These materials can have very important effects in improving the performance of equipment, prolonging its functional life, and reducing the total cost. More than 20 types are available to meet the needs of working conditions such as joint temperature, vibration, pressure, contact in fluid, and clearance.

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 1102 - liquid gasket

1102 - Liquid Gasket

  • Excellent gasoline resistance.
  • Excellent water and oil resistance

1121 - liquid gasket

1121 Liquid Gasket

  • Can be used with solid-sheet gaskets.
  • Nonsolvent type and no adverse effects on rubber or plastics.

  • Note : In some plastics, cracks or change of colour may occur when stressed.

1141 - liquid gasket

 1141G Liquid Gasket

    • Nonflammable and is not designated as hazardous substances.

    • Water-based and has no adverse effects on rubber or plastics .  

1110B - liquid gasket

 1110B Liquid Gasket / Pipe Sealant

  • Penetrates into narrow gaps of metal structures and cures in the absence of air.

  • Suitable for sealing of screws because it has moderate thixotropy and lubrication.

  • Break loose torque : 4N m (40kgf cm)

  • Pullout torque : 2N m (20kgf cm)


1194 - liquid gasket (grey)  

ThreeBond 1194 is a semidrying liquid gasket whose major component is special synthetic rubber. After it is applied and dried, it will form a rubber-like elastic body. Since it excels in padding property, it shows a high sealing effect on bonded surfaces that have poor flatness and large clearance. In addition, it has excellent resistance to water, oil and gasoline.

  • High padding property

  • It shows an excellent sealing effect not only on normal bonded surfaces, but also on

  • onded surfaces with large clearance.

  • Excellent resistance to vibration and impact

  • After applied and dried, it will form a rubber-like elastic body and exhibit excellent

  • esistance to vibration and impact. 

  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures

  • It keeps stable rubber elasticity in a wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C.

  • Excellent resistance to water and oil

  • Effective in preventing leak from threaded portions

  • Sealing of flange surfaces and threaded portions

  • Applicable to sealing of flange surfaces having large clearance

  • For sealing other coolants. 

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