3000 Series - Acrylic based UV Curing Resins

The Three Bond 3000 Series ultraviolet (UV) curing adhesives have been developed in our own laboratories to offer the finest combination of speed, strength and simplicity. They cure in seconds at room temperature and provide excellent bonding, sealing, coating and potting properties.

Three Bond UV adhesives are single component, solvent less resins which set when irradiated with ultraviolet light of wavelength 300 ~ 400nm. They can be perfectly matched to specific applications and in many cases offer secondary curing mechanisms such as anaerobic setting, thermosetting, moisture or primer setting to ensure complete curing even in shadowed areas.

ThreeBond 3000 seriesThreeBond 3000 seriesThreeBond uv curing adhesives

30F404 - ultraviolet curing adhesive

Three Bond 30F404 is particularly suited to the adhesion and sealing of electrical and electronic components and provide as well an excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

  • UV and visible light curing resin (200~ 440nm)
  • Cures even when pieces are protected with an anti-UV filter
  • Easy to apply with various dispensing systems (manual to fully automatic)
  • No VOC emission
  • Very high strength and adhesion
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation.
  • Very high adhesion and sealing
  • Very good heat and moisture resistance
  • Good deep curing
  • Bonding of metals possible
  • High Transparency
  • Flexible and elastic

UV-curing anaerobic structural adhesive

Three Bond 3065E has been specially developed for bonding HDD and other electronic components as it cures in seconds and excels in adhesive strength.

  • Extremely simple application by means of automatic dispensing systems.
  • Cures in seconds when exposed to UV-radiation at a wavelength range of 200 ~ 400 nm..
  • Additional anaerobic curing for areas not reached by UV-light.
  • Anaerobic curing accelerated by primer TB1390E.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent conformability.
  • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Minimal outgassing.

3114 - non solvent uv-curing resin

Three Bond 3114 is a non solvent UV-curing resin designed for fixing of optical parts, such as components of optical pickups. And bonding and fixing of electric and electronic parts

  • Cures in seconds when exposed to UV-radiation at a wavelength range of 200 ~ 400 nm..
  • Low contraction
  • Has excellent surface-curing properties.
  • Suitable for bonding various materials, such as glasses, metals, and plastics.

3130 - one-part, non solvent ultraviolet-curing resin

Three Bond 3130 is a one-part, non solvent ultraviolet-curing resin developed to adhere to a wide range of plastics with high flexibility even at low temperatures.

  • Cures in seconds when exposed to UV-radiation at a wavelength range of 200 ~ 400 nm
  • High flexibility
  • Low glass transition point.
  • Excellent plastics bonding, especially polyolefins.
  • Low Contraction
  • Very low water absorption.

Ultraviolet curing resin

ThreeBond 31F404 is an ultraviolet-curing resin developed as a sealing agent for organic EL panels

  • One-part solvent-free ultraviolet curing epoxy resin
  • The resin can cure under ultraviolet irradiation for several seconds
  • The resin has low moisture permeability
  • No webbing and can be dispensed precisely
  • Low particle sized filler (particle size = 2µm)

3168 - ultraviolet curing silicone gel

Three Bond 3168 is a ultraviolet curing silicone gel The cured material offers excellent performance characteristics and has effective use as a damping agent.

  • Excellent ultraviolet curability
  • Gel property maintained after cure.
  • Good heat and cold resistance.
  • Low molecular weight siloxane (below 0.3 wt%).
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Good sound absorption ability.
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